B’Chavana’s “Birchot Ha-Shachar” (Morning Blessings)

Below are listed Birchot Ha-Shachar written by participants in the Shabbat morning tefilot on June 29, 2013 at Heron Creek and incorporated into our davvening:

Baruch Atah Adonai Elohenu Melech ha-olam . . .

  •  who is the one constant in the universe
  • who gives me hope and strength to meet each new day
  • who is my guiding light
  • who creates the ability to think, feel and dream
  • who helps us to accept diversity
  • who gives me a brain to learn
  • who has given me security in my marriage
  • who has given us the ability to make and sustain friendships
  • who awakens gratitude, appreciation and fulfillment on a daily basis
  • who has given us free will and the ability to help ourselves and others
  • who heals broken hearts
  • who has given our bodies the ability to heal
  • who reminds me of my blessings every day
  • who has blessed us with the chance to experience Israel together
  • who blesses my family to remain strong
  • who surrounds us with love
  • who has nurtured intricate webs of life
  • who gives our world beauty
  • for those that heal
  • for those who make music
  • who gives us opportunities
  • who gives us strength to overcome our challenges
  • for where I live and for my family

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