Membership: Information and Commitment Form

B’Chavana is
a vibrant, welcoming intentional Jewish congregation.
Our community blends meaningful approaches
to experience God and Judaism
and to increase justice and compassion in the world.

It takes much to form and sustain a community.  Community requires vision, leadership, trust and spirit.  Strong communities are built on a foundation of people bringing their hopes and dreams to one another and committing the resources – spiritual and material – necessary to realizing those hopes and dreams.

We invite a personal commitment of all of our members to active participation and a fair sharing of the responsibilities for our programs.  We have built something vibrant and inspiring; we cannot continue that with less.  We likewise are committed to guiding and supporting people in their acceptance of these responsibilities.  We recognize that different members have different skills and passions; our hope is to draw upon the best that each person can bring.  Included in our membership materials is a volunteer form by which members indicate the skills and talents that they would like to offer to the community.

Financial support is another one of those necessary resources.  At B’Chavana, we are intentional about minimizing our expenses and infrastructure so that we can commit most of our resources to the purpose of our gathering: the building of a Jewish community in which each individual can find meaning and, together, we can grow and learn from one another.  We have no building, no mortgage and no debt.  All of what we receive goes directly to sustaining our rabbi and our program.

We ask that you think carefully about your financial support of our community.  We do not assess dues.  We have neither a building nor a building fund.  Rather, we ask for “terumot” – gifts of the heart. In the Torah, the ancient Mishkan (Tabernacle, place of worship) was built “asher yidvenu libo” – from everyone whose heart was moved to support it.  The beauty of our method is that each of us chooses an amount that represents our personal financial capacity.

We have prepared a budget for the year.  A substantial part of that budget compensates the Rabbi for his work in leading B’Chavana.  We ask that each individual contribute $1000 as a sustaining amount to ensure that we make progress towards reaching our budget goal.  We ask that you determine your own capability.  If you can meet that figure, please do so.  If you can exceed that figure, your generosity will help to secure our community and supplement those who are not able to give as much.  If you cannot reach that target, please contribute as much as you can.  If your primary membership is in another congregation, please feel free to factor that into your planning.  Each individual contribution to B’Chavana will include one ticket to our High Holy Day services, tickets which cost $180/adult and $90/child living at home.

We are ambitious in our aspirations; we are proud of our mission; we believe that we bring something unique into the life of the Jewish community and to the individuals who find a spiritual home in our community.  That ambition, pride and belief require the means to realize them.

In the Torah, when Moses asked for those gifts, the people’s response was overwhelming – so much so that he had to ask them to stop bringing.  We hope that your response will demonstrate a similar commitment and passion for B’Chavana.

By clicking on the link below you will be able to download the information above together with a form to indicate your commitment to join our community:  * New materials for 2016-7 will be available shortly.

Members of the Leadership Va’ad (Team)
Stew Campbell ~  Leslie Harrison ~ Karen Heisler ~ Larry Heisler ~ Renee Hochberg ~ Rachel Levin  ~ Mark Rangell ~ Melinda Remaly
Don Silvert, Legal Counsel


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