We Are B’Chavana (Membership List)

Shari and Mark Rangell
Nancy and Steve Feinberg
Rachel, Becca, Jacob and Sarah Levin
Lisa and Scott Norris
Jan and Mike Schrimmer
Karen and Larry Heisler
Robin and Stew Campbell
Gail and Jack Eisenberg
Karen and Andy Jacobs
Maureen Shayman
Paul Sakol
Leslie Harrison
Randi and Glenn Simon
Melinda, Lyss and John Remaly
Eda and Marc Chappe
Merle and Julie Miller
Hillary and Bob Levine
Gayle Kantro
Susan Auvinen
Jan and Mark Swimmer
Ira Schoenburg
Renee and Wayne Hochberg
Beth Glick and Bruce Natkin
Jane and Stephen Grossman
Beth Rosen
Jane Rosenblum
Richard Herman
Melinda and Ron Harris
Sue Levin
Susan Glazer and Rabbi Marc J. Belgrad


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