Announcing: Our New Website!


I’m very happy to let you know that we have launched our new website, which has been many months in the making.

Why did we choose a new website?  For two primary reasons.  First, to reflect our new look, as designed by Larry Heisler.  Second, to provide more features for your use.  For example, our new site has a program calendar as well as a “Members’ Only” section for the benefit of our members.

What does it feature?  As did our old one, it includes the Rabbi’s Blog, a collection of member resources, and a list of FAQ’s.  New to our site is the program calendar (which will augment regular announcements of our programs), program photos, and a place for online donations.  The “Our Members” section includes an augmented list of our members, including contact information, as well as giving us the ability to post and email announcements that are pertinent only to our community (and not public to our other subscribers and the internet at large), such as births and funeral arrangements.  You’ll also be able to renew your membership here.  Login information to this section will be emailed to you separately.

What do you need to do? Just click on this link to look around: New B’Chavana Website.  You should already be subscribed, receiving future posts as you always have.  Please check your personal member contact information by clicking on your name in the membership list to ascertain its accuracy and completeness.  If something is wrong or missing, please let me know via email (and not by comment on this site):

We will continue to develop the site.  There are many features that we have yet to explore; we wanted to get this operational as soon as possible.

Quite a bit of work has gone into this project.  I’m grateful to: Mark Rangell for launching the process by connecting us to our web designer; Melinda Harris for serving tirelessly and patiently as project manager; Ron Harris for shepherding us through the financial pieces; Larry Heisler for his beautiful design work; Stew Campbell for helpful suggestions along the way; Beth Rosen for the gift to underwrite the site; and Stella McGovern, our web designer (Brooklyn Design Studio) for her help, resourcefulness and persistence in bringing this to conclusion.



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