Upcoming Shabbat: The Immigrant Imperative


Happy new year.  I hope that you knew joy in whatever way you celebrated.

This coming Friday night we will continue to learn about challenges facing immigrants and opportunities we have to address those challenges.  Following Gail Wright’s moving presentation during Sukkot, she and Jane Grossman have been working with HIAS to explore actions we might undertake to support a family relocating to Chicago.

Jessica Schaffer of HIAS will be our guest teacher.  She is a HIAS representative who has been with the organization for over a year.  She has more than nine years’ experience serving refugees with their protection and resettlement needs.  HIAS has personal meaning for Jessica; the organization answered the call for help for her paternal grandfather.  For those who don’t already know, HIAS also helped Rachel Levin and her family settle here in Chicago when they first came to this country.

We’ll follow this up with a project that will culminate on Jan. 22, immediately following our morning with Lonnie Nasatir of the Anti-Defamation League.  I’ll post something soon detailing that opportunity to do some tikkun work in support of a refugee family coming from Iraq.

Melinda Remaly will host us: 505 Mors Ave., Wheeling.  Her contact info is: phdmomof2@gmail.com; (847) 638-1928.  Please use this link to indicate your participation in our potluck dinner; when you do, please indicate who/how many are coming: Remaly Potluck Shabbat Dinner.

6:00     Wine & cheese
6:45     Kabbalat Shabbat
7:30     Blessings & Dinner
8:30     HIAS: Jessica Schaffer
9:30     Dessert

Wishing you a good week, I look forward to seeing you then.



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