First-Ever B’Chavana Asseyfah (Membership Meeting)


Please let us know we can count on you for our first-ever B’Chavana Asseyfah (membership meeting) on Sunday morning, January 15th, from 10-12 by sending a note to Renee Hochberg at Once we have a count, we’ll let you know the place.

In advance of the meeting we’ll share the results of our successful membership survey and ask you to review the data. During the meeting we’ll divide into groups to address key aspects of B’Chavana (for example: spiritual, learning, social action, social events, hosting, membership) and gather your input for consideration by the Va’ad (leadership team). Everyone will be able to participate in two groups.

Your voice is critical to continuing to make B’Chavana meaningful. When you respond to Renee, if there are key topics you want to make sure we address, let her know.

Have a wonderful, warm Hanukkah. We look forward to seeing you on the 15th.

Renee Hochberg & Melinda Harris


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